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Sunday 20 April 2014

Bailey: Broadchurch secret so hard

Jonathan Bailey hopes to be back for the next series of Boradchurch

Broadchurch star Jonathan Bailey has claimed the show ruined his social life because he was so worried about giving away the secret of who the killer was.

The 25-year-old actor played local reporter Olly Stevens, the nephew of the police detective played by Olivia Colman in the hit ITV crime drama, and revealed he did not find out who the murderer was until halfway through filming the final episode.

Jonathan confessed: "I found it really hard to keep the secret. And it brought about mild social anxiety, especially when it was on TV. Because if you've had a little drink after a night out, that's when the friends start trying to throw it into conversation.

"But I've learned to be strong and not give anything away."

The Me And Mrs Jones star is excited the drama has been recommissioned for a second series, and is hoping his character is still around.

He said: "I hope he is going to be in the next series. I would love to see him on Fleet Street, although he's very loyal to Maggie Radcliffe, his boss played by Carolyn Pickles, so I'm sure there's going to be a lot more with that team. So I think you'll see him in Broadchurch again..."

Jonathan admitted the overnight success of the show, which also starred David Tennant, had taken him by surprise.

He said: "It's mad. It's fantastic that people have really taken it, and even though we all knew the scripts were top quality, but to see people to be waiting every Monday for the next instalment has been fantasic."

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