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Saturday 30 August 2014

Baldwin admits US tax charge

Stephen Baldwin agreed to pay 400,000 dollars (£263,000) in back taxes, interest and penalties

Hollywood star Stephen Baldwin has admitted in court that he failed to pay New York state income tax for three years.

The actor agreed to pay 400,000 dollars (£263,000) in back taxes, interest and penalties. The judge said 100,000 dollars (£65,000) has already been paid.

Baldwin pleaded guilty to a charge of repeated failure to file income taxes.

The judge said that if Baldwin pays back the rest of the money within a year, the charge will be taken off his record. If not, he will be sentenced to five years probation.

Baldwin - the youngest of the four acting Baldwin brothers - went to court between appearances on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

He said he received bad advice from lawyers and accountants.

He starred in acclaimed crime thriller The Usual Suspects and appeared in the 2010 series of Celebrity Big brother in the UK.

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