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Baldwin ‘alarmed by stalker'

Alec Baldwin reportedly told authorities he feared for his safety in the presence of an alleged stalker.

Detective Francis Brennan spoke at a pre-trial hearing in Genevieve Sabourin’s stalking and harassment case in Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday.

According to the New York Daily News, the investigator described how Alec had "been alarmed since she's been showing up at functions unannounced and he was in fear for his safety”.

Brennan said the actor admitted to having a personal relationship with the woman, although he claims it was platonic. Sabourin, who was in court, maintains the pair had a romantic relationship. She is accused of inundating the actor with emails and text messages, including one in which she promised to launch “a massive destructive war” to garner his affection.

"He told me they had gone out to dinner twice," Brennan added, noting the actor insisted “their relationship was entirely a professional relationship”.

Brennan said Alec developed concern when Sabourin’s contact became incessant. The 30 Rock star eventually obtained a restraining order against the French-Canadian actress, who was arrested last November for violating it by tweeting his wife, Hilaria Baldwin.

"He said he received hundreds of text messages on his phone and he was receiving emails from her basically telling him to leave his wife and to live with her. He got rid of his phone - the phone she kept calling,” Brennan said.

Alec and Hilaria are expected to testify next week.

Sabourin faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted.

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