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Baldwin refuses to apologise for cursing

Alec Baldwin was reluctant to say sorry to cops during his cycling summons

The 30 Rock actor appeared in court in New York on Thursday on a cycling summons. He refused to apologise to two female cops who didn’t recognise he was a star when they stopped him in May for riding the wrong way up Fifth Avenue.

“Looks like you have a short fuse,” observed Judge John Delury before telling him his options. “You want to wait this out? Do you want to apologise?”

The 56-year-old replied that he would like to pay the fine. When the judge double checked that he wanted to do that rather than say he was sorry, Alec shook his head and repeated: “I just want to pay the fine.”

At the beginning of proceedings, the judge jokingly questioned the actor that he couldn’t afford a lawyer. He then asked if he was in Search for Red October, with Alec correcting him that the 1990 film he starred in was actually called The Hunt for Red October, which also starred Sean Connery.

“That was a good movie,” the judge replied.

The volatile star was issued the May 13 summons after going mad at the two cops who stopped him for riding his Cannondale bike the wrong way on lower Fifth Avenue. When they demanded identification, he became furious because they didn’t know who he was.

The hearing was rounded up after the It’s Complicated actor was told that if he stayed out of trouble for six months, the disorderly conduct rap would be dismissed.

“Be a good boy from now on,” the judge cautioned.

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