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Sunday 21 December 2014

Baldwin says sorry over plane delay

Alec Baldwin has apologised after a plane was delayed due to his refusal to stop playing a game on his mobile phone
Alec Baldwin has apologised after a plane was delayed due to his refusal to stop playing a game on his mobile phone

Alec Baldwin has apologised to fellow passengers on an American Airlines flight delayed by his refusal to stop playing a mobile phone game.

But the 30 Rock actor stopped short of saying sorry to the airline or the flight attendant he later mocked on Twitter.

His note, to the Huffington Post, instead lamented the state of modern air travel, saying: "Filthy planes, barely edible meals, cuts in jet service to less-travelled locations."

The actor wrote that increased security following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks has resulted in a "paramilitary" aura around air travel.

His letter is the latest volley in a dust-up with American Airlines, with the airline maintaining it was following federal regulations when it booted an "extremely vocal customer" from a flight for refusing to turn off his mobile phone.

The airline said on its Facebook page it decided "to provide the actual facts of the matter" after Alec stated publicly he had been kicked off the flight. The company did not cite the TV star by name.

Alec took to Twitter after Tuesday's incident at Los Angeles International Airport, saying he was asked to leave a New York-bound plane after a "flight attendant on American reamed me out" for playing a game on his mobile phone. He said he was playing Words With Friends while the plane sat at a gate.

American said that Federal Aviation Administration regulations require that mobile phones and other electronic devices be turned off as soon as the airliner's door has been closed.

The company said Alec refused to comply, adding that he was "extremely rude" to the flight crew, calling people "inappropriate names" and using offensive language.

Alec's spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, said it was the flight attendant who acted inappropriately.

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