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Banks: Christmas songs rock!

Azealia Banks has been in the Christmas spirit “since August”.

The 212 singer is known for her punchy lyrics and use of profanities. So it is somewhat surprising what style of music she is currently listening to.

“Ironically I’m really into Christmas music right now. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald and Vince Guaraldi. Like random Christmas carols,” she told the American edition of Elle with a laugh when asked about what’s inspiring her. “So yah, I dunno. I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since August. It’s so strange.”

The 23-year-old signed her first record deal when she was 17. She released her first studio album earlier this month after a number of delays. But Azealia isn’t one to take things easy and is already working on new music. But whether her penchant for festive tunes is incorporated into the record is yet to be seen.

“Hopefully. I dunno. Inspiration happens in all kinds of different ways,” she said. “You just have to make sure that you are happy and then you can work. The influences, they play themselves out. I can’t really play them out.”

Azealia grew up in Harlem, New York with her mom and two older sisters after her dad died of pancreatic cancer when she was two-years-old. But the Liquorice singer makes sure to take time out of her busy schedule to spend it with her family, especially during the holidays.

“I’m preparing for Christmas. I’m really excited for it,” she gushed, however new lyrics are never far from her mind. “And yah, I dunno. I’m up in my head a lot. I’m always thinking about pictures of things and words and weird sh*t. And then it makes sense once I’ve written it out.”

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