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Barron’s ‘incriminating photos’

Barron Hilton has reportedly refused to cooperate with police so he doesn’t implicate himself.

The 24-year-old hotel heir was bloodied at a mansion party in Miami last week and he allegedly accused Lindsay Lohan of orchestrating the beating.

According to police, Barron has not been cooperative and it is rumoured he won’t talk due to fear he will implicate himself.

“Barron has decided that he is no longer going to cooperate with investigators because he has been made aware that there [are] incriminating photos, that if released, could tell a very different side of what took place at the home,” one source told Radar Online, with a second insider adding, “There are currently no plans to release the photos unless false allegations continue to be made about Lindsay’s involvement.”

Sergeant Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Police Department told Celebuzz on Monday that Barron hasn’t returned any calls from the cops since the December 6 assault took place.

After confirming Lindsay, 27, isn’t being investigated at all at this time, the officer said he thought the hotel heir’s conduct was very strange.

“We went to scene with detectives to interview him to see if they could get more information, but he fled. He did the [initial] report and moved on,” Sgt. Hernandez recalled.

“When police cleared the scene and detectives arrived to ask more questions, he didn’t wait to meet with them. Victims all act differently, but it is a little bizarre.”

Lindsay’s friend Ray LeMoine is supposedly the man behind the punches, but in a recent blog post for Vocactiv Ray claimed Barron’s bad attitude caused the conflict.

“My friend’s name was on the lease of this mansion and we didn’t want anyone to trash it, so we started kicking people out,” he wrote.

“[Barron] seemed nice at first, but when I asked him to leave, he went bonkers. The Hiltons represent everything that sucks about America and I’ll be happy to get away from them.”

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