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Barrymore: I’m not perfect in the kitchen

Drew Barrymore’s culinary skills are so lacking that she is planning to get caterers in when she hosts her next dinner party.

The pair are parents to two-year-old daughter Olive and 14-month-old Frankie. And while the actress and her spouse relish any opportunity they get to spend together as a couple, one thing Drew certainly doesn’t do on such an occasion is cook.

“I’m just not perfect in the kitchen,” Drew told People magazine. “But I’m getting there slowly.”

“I’m still trying to get a dinner party together for the summer and trust me I won’t be cooking for it. And on date nights I eat take-out with my husband.”

Despite readily admitting that she’s no domestic goddess, Drew is working hard to increase her cooking repertoire.

Her main priority in life is to ensure the health and wellbeing of her family – beginning with what they put in their mouths.

“I’m very organised about the kids’ food and they eat really well,” Drew continued. “Salmon and veggies are regular at my house

“They get protein, starch and veggies, and I always balance it out. And I can grill a mean steak now.”

One way Drew is working on improving her skills behind the stove is to continue with her friends’ tradition of cooking each other Sunday dinners.

But she does admit that her offerings are usually on the simple side.

“My girlfriends and I cook a lot on Sunday nights together and it’s a group effort,” she said. “So I’m really good in a potluck situation and I’m really good at one-pot meals.”

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