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Barrymore’s ‘boring’ Valentine’s Day

Drew Barrymore says being pregnant on Valentine’s Day is “so different”.

The actress is expecting her second child with husband Will Kopelman, with whom she shares 16-month-old daughter Olive.

According to Drew, the couple will be skipping the romance on February 14.

“When you’re pregnant, it’s just so different,” she told America’s People magazine. “It’ll just be all about food and hanging out. Next year, it’ll be [a] fabulous bottle of wine and maybe something extraordinary.”

Drew is clearly excited about the addition to her family, insisting she can’t wait for Olive to meet her little sister.

The 38-year-old says Olive is already proving she will be a loving and loyal sibling.

“She just really loves babies and kids,” Drew revealed. “I have her in a lot of classes… I like when she’s so open-hearted to people and her surroundings.”

The Wedding Singer star said her schedule is jam-packed at the moment, but she’s trying to fit in prenatal yoga classes three times a week.

“We don’t have a babysitter on the weekends,” she said. “There’s a Saturday class that I basically have to turn my life upside down to get to and sometimes I simply can’t.”

Despite all the chaos, the star recently expanded the family circle by getting a puppy. She admits Will thought she was crazy for getting a dog when they are preparing to have another baby.

“Our plate is so full right now,” she said. “I got a puppy while pregnant with the toddler and my husband was like, ‘You are insane!’ I was like, ‘I am!’ I mean, let it rain. When it rains, it pours. That was my mentality.”

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