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Bassett: I felt Houston’s presence

Angela Bassett hopes Whitney Houston “would be pleased” with the biopic she has directed on the late singer.

The legendary singer died in February 2012 from accidental drowning at the age of 48 and nearly three years on, a Lifetime biopic is being released, directed by actress Angela. While the late star’s family have voiced their disapproval of the production, the 56-year-old believes she received Whitney’s blessing.

“I hope she would be pleased. I certainly felt her presence every day in the making of it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “As I'm driving to work, trying to make it to that production office, I've got the radio on and her song comes on, and so, on this one particular day, I'm rolling down 134 and a big bus passes me. Her song is playing, and I'm getting off the exit at Laurel Canyon. I look to my left as her song is playing and there's -on the back of a bus - a huge initial: W.H.

“The initials are painted in purple. I had discovered purple was her favourite colour and I was like, ‘I am soooo glad! Because girrrrl, you done break me down and built me up. You let me know! You and the Lord [let me know] that it's all right up there with you.’ And I'm like, ‘OK. Whatever comes, I'm ready. Let's do it. I got you.’ It was a beautiful sign.”

Angela worked with Whitney on the 1995 film Waiting to Exhale. She doesn’t appreciate the criticism when people say you can’t make a biopic on someone you don’t know.

“Listen, I live with my husband and don't know everything about him and his every private thought! How can you know everything about anybody? Nobody knows everything about anybody,” she argued. “But, I know some of the struggles and pitfalls and grace of being in the public eye. I know a little something about being a black woman in entertainment, a black woman in America, a woman in a love affair.”

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