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Bastille like singing cover versions

Bastille thinks it’s nice to change the dynamic of pop songs.

The British indie band, who are named after the French national day, say they have no problem taking pop songs and making them a bit deeper.

Lead singer Dan Smith explained why the band enjoyed a tendency to cover other people’s music.

“I think pop music is quite nice and malleable, and it's nice to take quite frivolous songs and make them really serious,” he told MTV News.

The London based band was formed in 2010, and released their debut album Bad Blood in early 2013.

The album is set for re-release next month with new songs and cover versions, something Dan admits first became a habit when the band didn’t have enough of their own original material.

"The first cover we ever did was What Would You Do? (City High). When we started out, we didn't have enough songs to play a full set, so we had to throw that one in. We did it because it's one of those songs that everyone knows.

“Everyone seems to know the chorus by heart, but no one knows who it's by or where they know it from. Some of our younger fans think we wrote it. Some people are too young to remember it and are like 'That song's weird. When was Dan a stripper?’ joked Dan.

Dan described the re-release of Bad Blood, All This Bad Blood, as a mix tape that weaves together with some of their unheard, new songs.

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