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Bateman: Foul words rock

Jason Bateman has revealed some of his favourite terms to swear with.

The 45-year-old funnyman stars in Bad Words, a comedy about a spelling bee loser who enters another competition as a grown man.

And when asked whether he considered “damn” a curse word, the father of two offered a unique response.

"No, it is not, unless you're my seven-year-old, and then you get smacked across the room. I will strike a child," he joked to MTV News.

"That's not true. God, there's your quote, please don't use that quote."

Jason then went on to speculate about what other foul language he considers cool.

He feels particularly fond of both “c***” and “damn”, but out of the two the star has a clear favourite.

"I love both," Jason mused. "Damn is good."

The comedian believes it is a good idea to throw people off with swearing.

He is convinced the best insults to throw at men and women are gender neutral.

"I think a woman who you don't like and who deserves it should be called an a**hole. I think that's a very effective thing,” Jason quipped.

"If you call a dude a clown, it just wrecks them. And I think if you called a woman either an asshole or a jerk, it's like, I get it."

Bad Words debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and it is due for wide release later on this month. This film is Jason’s feature length directorial debut.

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