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Wednesday 22 October 2014

BBC bomb disposal comedy to return

Bluestone 42 will return for another series on the BBC

A BBC comedy about a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan has been recommissioned for a second series.

Bluestone 42 attracted controversy before it even aired on BBC Three, with one MP questioning whether it was in "the best of taste".

The final episode of the first series of the drama about a fictional bomb squad, which was researched and informed by members of the armed forces and military experts, will be broadcast tonight (April 23).

BBC Three Controller Zai Bennett said: "I'm incredibly proud of this bold, brave and hugely funny comedy drama series which has been enjoying big audiences on BBC Three.

"The cast, crew and writers have played an absolute blinder in this important series which completes and complements BBC Three's already extensive coverage of the war in Afghanistan."

Bluestone 42 was penned by Richard Hurst and James Cary, who co-wrote hit sitcom Miranda, and stars Green Wing actor Oliver Chris and Hustle actress Kelly Adams.

Former Captain Liam Fitzgerald-Finch, who acted as one of the military advisers to the production and has disposed devices in Iraq and Afghanistan, recently defended the comedy, saying: "Bomb disposal is something the public has had almost zero exposure to, so I thought it was a good medium for a comedy.

"Within any small military team, banter is one way of cementing relationships. Soldiers use humour to cope in a high-stress environment, and keep a positive outlook.

"It'll certainly develop some audience understanding of another side to military life - but unless you're actually in Helmand, you'll never truly understand what's going on."

The sitcom, which was filmed in South Africa, has attracted audiences of around two million, including repeats and iPlayer viewing.

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