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BBs Aaron: I deserved the boot

Aaron Frew has realised he “can be too immature” after watching himself in the Big Brother house.

The 24-year-old was pulled from the reality show last week after drunkenly exposing himself to friend Joel Williams. His behaviour was deemed inappropriate after Joel had asked him to stop a number of times, and he was removed from the compound hours later.

“I did break the rules, I needed to be removed,” he agreed during a chat with British newspaper The Sun. “Looking back on the situation now, it was so idiotic of me to do it and I’ve come to realise sometimes I can be too immature. I was mortified that my time had come to an end so soon, I didn’t get to show the full me, and I let my family down - I didn’t know what their reaction would be.”

Thankfully for Aaron his mother told him she was still very proud of him when they were reunited. And the public support has also been positive, with the Northamptonshire lad receiving lots of messages from young men asking for his advice on coming out.

“I’m getting thousands of tweets and it’s so hard to keep up with it all. I feel so blessed that people are even spending their time to tweet me,” he said. “I had been labelled many things in that house, like fake and selfish. But coming out of the house to the public being on my side has really made me feel a lot better.”

Aaron is also thankful for the friendships he made during his short time in the house.

“Plus I made a great friend in there, Sarah. I felt bad as I never got to say goodbye to her. I was bundled out the back door,” he added. “But at the end of the day, I messed it up for myself. I’m obviously really gutted, and it’s so strange looking from the outside in now.”

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