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BB’s Chloe: OMG I’m rich!

Big Brother winner Chloe Wilburn is gobsmacked about winning the reality show.

The 25-year-old triumphed in the reality series last night, beating the male finalists to be crowned the winner by the public. The Doncaster lass had a look of pure shock when host Emma Willis said her name as she sat alongside runner-up Joel Williams.

“'I'm so shocked. I just don't feel like I deserve this. Everyone was so amazing and I'm just so gobsmacked. There are no words,” she confessed in her exit interview, before Emma told her she had won £116,100, “OMG, I'm rich, Girl power.”

Chloe was the only girl to make it to the final, alongside male housemates Joel, third place Danny Wisker, Jack McDermott in fourth, Nick Henderson fifth and Cristian MJC sixth.

Chloe previously won £5,000 during the Cash Bomb task which will be added to her total prize fund.

Joel, 19, admitted Chloe was a worthy winner, before going on to defend some of his actions during his time in the famous house.

“Everyone has talents, and for me, debating was one of them," he explained. "I wouldn't call myself a manipulative person. If you ask a person a scenario and the truth comes out of that, I wouldn't call that manipulative... That's dragging out the truth."

He also spoke of his regret at being involved in the Cash Bomb eviction which saw the shock exit of housemate Sam Kay. And he denied he was speaking out against the twist to make himself look better.

“What right do I have to take away the right of someone to be in the house?" he asked. "If I wanted to it, I would have been pushing [to evict] Chloe because it would have bettered my chances [of winning].”

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