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BB’s Cristian MJC ‘is a bogus bad boy’

One of Big Brother star Cristian MJC’s former schoolmates has rubbished his rebel image.

The 20-year-old, real name Matthew Clarkson, has cultivated a reputation as a rebellious ladies' man while being in the house. But now a former school pal has come forward to question what's happening on screen.

“Matthew’s definitely tried to exaggerate this ‘bad boy’ persona he seems intent on cultivating,” they told British newspaper The Sun. “The rap career is a bit of a mystery to us all. Matt is from Lancashire but after school moved down to London obviously to pursue this ‘career’ and managed to develop a questionable South London accent in the first few months of being there.”

Cristian’s former peer took the most issue with his description on the show’s website. In his official bio, it says that he bunked off school from the age of 14 to go to shisha bars in Manchester with a bunch of rough older boys.

“During this time getting chased by the police almost became a game,” the website wrote, to which the school friend said: “This is all obviously bogus, as at that age he was still living in a quiet Lancashire town and attending Clitheroe Royal Grammar School.”

The school insider, who wished to remain anonymous, also claimed Cristian had been fibbing about having the record for the quickest school suspension ever; three days of banishment after just two days of attendance and of having the dream of swimming for Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics.

“I’m fairly certain that even if records such as this were recognised by awarding bodies, this one would still only exist within his mind,” they said.

However, one thing the schoolmate doesn’t think is over exaggerated is Cristian’s claims of being a hit with the opposite sex.

“I think that he definitely liked to believe that he was a ladies' man, however the vast majority of girls that I know just found him to be cringe-worthy and obnoxious, especially after he uploaded his first couple of ‘rap vids’ to Facebook,” they added.

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