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Friday 29 August 2014

Beckham back in skimpy bodywear ads

David Beckham and director Guy Ritchie on the set of the latest ad campaign for his bodywear collection

David Beckham turns action hero in the new advert for his underwear collection, directed by Guy Ritchie.

The football star and pin-up is seen saving the day in Los Angeles wearing just his boxer briefs and bedroom slippers in the ad for his new H&M collection.

David said: "It's been great working with Guy. He's one of my favourite directors, and also a friend. It was good fun playing an action hero for the day, getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations, but acting full-time is not something I see myself doing in the near future."

The footballer - who has just announced he's joining French club Paris-Saint Germain - is a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes director.

He said: "I love Guy's film Lock, Stock Two Smoking Barrels. It came out in 1998, which was such an exciting time to be British. I remember the attitude and energy of the film as if it were yesterday, and it went on to define so much about how British men saw themselves for years to come.

"But I wouldn't want to actually appear in the movie - I have too much fun watching it."

David's 10-year-old son Romeo recently modelled for Burberry, while 13-year-old Brooklyn reportedly had a tryout with London club Chelsea. But the star said he will be happy with whatever career his four children with designer wife Victoria chooses.

He said: "Like any parent, I just want the best for my kids, whatever they decide to do. They will choose what path they want to follow, and we will always be there to encourage them."

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