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Beckham: I’m shaky after crash

David Beckham has admitted he’s “a bit sore” following his car accident that occurred when he was driving his Audi.

The 39-year-old soccer legend had an accident whilst picking up his son Brooklyn from training this weekend, but still managed to make it to his wife Victoria’s shop on Monday to help promote World Aids Day. While at the event, he finally broke his silence on the incident.

“I’m fine but I’m a bit shaky and a bit sore,” he is quoted as saying by British newspaper, The Mirror.

David was driving his £77,000 Audi RS6 at the time, with his 15-year-old son as a passenger, in Colney, Herts in the United Kingdom. A mother and daughter in a Mitsubishi collided with him, and whilst the cars were badly bent out of shape, luckily there were only minor injuries.

An insider had initially revealed to the UK’s The Daily Telegraph that everything was okay.

"David and Brooklyn did not suffer any injuries and as I understand it both passengers in the other vehicle were unharmed," the source said before he’d commented himself. "David and Brooklyn were shaken by the accident but thankfully OK."

Clearly, things can’t have ended too badly because David was later seen with his daughter Harper in his arms as he attended Victoria’s event.

Her aim for the day was to sell £90 T-shirts in order to raise money for AIDS related charities on the annual day that seeks to bring awareness to and promote eradication of the deadly illness.

It wasn’t the first car crash for the sportsman, either. He has in fact had three in three years.

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