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Beckhams' bedtime dates

David and Victoria Beckham still try to make the time for dates, but sometimes find it hard.

The former soccer star and his fashion designer wife have four children. They both have busy careers too, with Victoria's fashion empire taking off and David recently announcing he is setting up a soccer club in Miami.

They don't have a great deal of time to go out together, but that doesn't mean they are drifting apart.

"[Victoria and I] try [to go on dates], but looking after four kids, getting them to school in the morning, picking them up, taking them to football, feeding them, getting them into bed... by the time we've finished with that we're exhausted. So we get into bed and watch TV - that's our time to talk," he told British magazine Look.

David retired from major league soccer last year and is still getting used to his new lifestyle. He loves spending more time with his family and it's only recently that he's reflected on a career which saw him play in the UK, America and Spain.

"When I go to bed I often find my mind wandering from one thing to another. Since retiring, it's the first time I've really sat down and looked at my career and the success I've had," he admitted.

David also chatted about his home life with Victoria and their kids. He loves being around to look after their three sons and daughter and enjoys cooking for them after taking lessons while he was playing in Italy for A.C. Milan.

"I do the weekly food shop - in fact I've always done it. People are surprised about that but it's easy - I know exactly what the kids like and I know what Victoria likes. Victoria and I definitely have different ideas about lunch. She eats lots of fish, vegetables and fruit; I love pasta and meat," he said.

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