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Beckhams 'freak over Brooklyn's romance'

David and Victoria Beckham are said to be coming to terms with son Brooklyn's relationship with Chloë Grace Moretz

The teen star is thought to be dating their oldest son Brooklyn, and the pair have been spotted out skateboarding together.

Chloë has admitted they started hanging out after attending the same SoulCycle class together, but sources say David and Victoria are having a hard time adjusting to their growing son's relationship.

"There's a real spark between them. They hang out a lot and hold hands together. But I know David and Victoria freak out a little when Chloë goes over to their house and they disappear off into Brooklyn's room or somewhere else out of sight," and insider revealed to British magazine Now.

"It's difficult for the Beckhams because they want to give their teenage son privacy, but they don't want him growing up too fast. And while they joke that Brooklyn's dating an 'older woman' she's still, after all, only 17."

The source added that 15-year-old Brooklyn's famous mom and dad are supportive of the blossoming romance.

David is even said to take them both to his local gym, giving them privacy to work out together without feeling like he's watching over them.

"David lets Brooklyn and Chloë do their own thing one side of the gym while he goes off on his own.

"Brooklyn's a bit of a chip off the old block. He opens the door for Chloë and even offers to carry her gym bag," the source added.

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