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Beckhams 'planning romantic 48 hours'

Victoria and David Beckham are planning to spend a romantic 48 hours together after their hectic work schedules forced them to be parted recently.

The stars have had a hectic time over the past few months, with David announcing his move to French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain and Victoria preparing for New York Fashion Week.

It has now been reported that they are eager to spend some quality time together away from their work demands and four children.

“David’s trying to find a full 48 hours for just the two of them – having a lie-in with their phones switched off!” a source told British magazine Closer.

Victoria is believed to have been desperately missing her husband and is looking forward to injecting a fresh spark into their marriage after seeing his latest H&M advert. David has sent admirers swooning after watching the campaign, which sees him show off his enviable physique as he dashes around in his underpants.

“Posh has been lusting after David since the ad launched. She was saying to pals, ‘I can’t wait to get David in those pants! I’ll get my underwear model husband all to myself!’” a source revealed. “She thought it was funny that the girls in her fashion range office are all giggling over David and it just reminds her of what she’s missing, especially being so far away from him right now. Vic was joking that she can’t wait to get home to order him around in the bedroom.”

The singer-turned-fashion designer has apparently even told pals she would like to have featured in the advert too. The film features a topless David running after the family car as a Victoria look-a-like drives off, trapping his dressing gown in the door.

“Vic thinks the ad is hilarious and wishes it was really her driving off in the car in the film. She loves it when she gets to show people her fun side, telling friends, ‘I really wanted to be in that advert!’” an insider claimed. “Victoria can’t wait to get David all to herself. They usually make time for dates, but it’s been a tough few months to fit it in, what with all the stress of their LA move. It’s been months since they’ve had a date night and Victoria desperately misses that.”

David and Victoria realise how important it is to make time for each other. Last year, the soccer star revealed he likes to take his wife out on a date regularly.

“We try to go out at least once a week, just the two of us, a quiet dinner somewhere,” he explained.

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