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Bell: Baby is my best friend

Kristen Bell says having a baby makes life more fun.

The actress gave birth to daughter Lincoln just seven months ago, and is over the moon to be a mother. Kristen brings Lincoln to set too, and says work is much more fun as a result.

“She comes to visit a lot. It’s really fun to be able to bring a baby around because it always makes everyone smile,” Kristen told People magazine. “It’s really just renegotiating your time. I haven’t found it very difficult because I like my baby. She’s my best friend.”

Kristen and husband Dax Shepard tied the knot earlier this month after a three-year engagement. And they are thrilled to spend their first Halloween getting into costume as a family.

“This has been a major topic of discussion because we don’t want to blow it,” Kristen joked. “We have friends that have really, really just nailed their costumes with their kids in the past, so we’re feeling a bit of pressure… There’s a lot of things being thrown out in the household and I haven’t yet decided on one.”

No matter how cute Lincoln will look in her outfit, Kristen and Dax don’t want to post pictures of their baby online. The couple are determined to protect their daughter from the limelight for as long as they can.

“Our daughter is not a public figure. We chose to be, we volunteered to be in this business and she did not,” Kristen explained. “I feel it’s very important and my number one job as a mother to protect what her interests might be. She might grow up to be very shy and she might not want her picture anywhere. This lifestyle might make her very uncomfortable and I think it’s my duty to protect that.”

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