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Bell: I didn't expect anyone to listen

Kristen Bell is pleased with the response her views on celebrity children being papped got, as she thinks it's an important issue to tackle.

The Veronica Mars star stated in February that she straight out refuses to talk to news providers that publish pictures of children of famous folk.

Kristen, along with husband Dax Shepard welcomed first child, daughter Lincoln in March last year. The happy couple announced in June that they have baby number two on the way, which has only made the actress more determined with the cause.

"So happy!" Kristen gushed to when they asked if she was pleased with the response. "I didn't expect anyone to listen. I'm also fully aware at what a small problem in the grand scheme of problems this is.

"It affects a few hundred children maybe and there are problems like famine in the world, so I can understand someone not wanting to hear about it. But I think doctors work to cure cancer and they also work to cure foot fungus, so no problem is too small to find a solution to."

The 34-year-old star is an eager advocate for a number of charities, including multiple animal causes. She's also vocal with her political views, and never rests on her laurels when it comes to what she believes in.

"Thinking how it would affect my child to be followed by a group of strangers her whole life because of the decisions I made, made me want to start speaking up and talking to especially other moms and other people who care passionately about children's rights and their rights to privacy," she added.

"I was kind of floored that as many people heard me out and then made change for the better. It restored a bit of my faith in humanity and to be honest, celebrity media. For a while it can feel really dark and nasty and I love celebrity media. I think it should be really fun."

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