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Bella Thorne gets love advice from mom

Bella Thorne's mom helped her learn to trust her boyfriend Tristan Klier before fully "committing" to him.

The 16-year-old star is currently dating Tristan Klier and recently revealed she made him wait six weeks until their first kiss. Many have praised Bella for taking things slowly, and she credits her mom Tamara for helping her make the decision.

"[My mom is] really good with relationships. She just wants me to trust people before I fully, I would say, commit to them relationship-wise," she smiled to "And Tristan, I only waited that long because he was known in school for really getting whatever he wants. He was like a suave kind of character... that’s how I saw him. So when he thought that I was going to like kiss him and just be all over him automatically, I wanted to really show him how it works with me."

Bella is known for her down-to-earth nature and being a good role model for the youngsters who look up to her. When asked what the best piece of advice she's ever received was, the red-headed beauty advised people to stay true to themselves.

"To always be you. If somebody likes different things, and one of them is not something you do or it’s just not you as a person, don’t try to be that. I’ve learned that from the people I hang around – that I’m always with – that I really should never try to be anybody else," she recommended. "Because when the time comes, I’m always going to be me. So why would you tell someone and make them believe one thing, and then all of the sudden you show up and it’s the complete opposite. It’s better to be upfront."

Bella has a book titled Autumn Falls coming out later this year, which tells the story of a 14-year-old girl whose high school life changes after an encounter with magic. She hopes this venture will inspire fans to set out and achieve their goals in life.

"The reason why I wrote the book is I really wanted to teach kids that if I’m dyslexic, and can get a three book deal with Random House – one of the biggest publishing companies in the world – that they can do whatever they want with their dreams and achieve them no matter what anybody says," she added.

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