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Bella Thorne: I'm batty about Bale

Bella Thorne "can't do" mint and feels sick if she can smell it.

The 17-year-old actress is best known for her work on TV shows including My Own Worst Enemy and Shake It Up. And while she is now branching out into movies, her work on the small screen helped her meet her idol Christian.

"[He] is my favourite actor and he actually knows exactly who I am, first name and last name, because his daughter watches a show that I was on and it was the coolest moment of my life when he came up to me and asked me for a photo," she told Teen Vogue in a video interview before pulling a stunned face. "I just looked at him, I don't know, he probably thought I was mean or something because I was like 'What? Is this happening to me? What? Christian Bale?'"

Bella has worked with big names like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore on the 2014 comedy Blended. But she admits if she got the chance to work with the former Batman actor, she wouldn't be held responsible for her actions.

"If I was able to be in a movie him that would really make me happy. I could stalk him on set," she pondered before deadpanning, "He'd get a restraining order, it'd be a little uncomfortable."

While working with the 40-year-old remains a pipedream for now, Bella will soon be seen in horror flick Amityville: The Awakening alongside Cameron Monaghan. For the actress it wasn't the blood and gore that she found scary, but a humble piece of chewing gum.

"A funny memory from Amityville is definitely when Cameron had to be on top of me for a scene, it was very late at night, he had a lot of make-up on and his breath was minty," she recalled. "I get very nauseous with mint, I can't do it, I can't be around mint, and I was like 'Oh God, who's chewing mint gum here?' and Cameron's like 'Er I might have mint in my mouth' so the whole time he was on top of me I was like trying not to puke."

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