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Bella’s ‘answer to long distant love’

Bella Thorne reveals how she is able to maintain a thriving romance with her long distance boyfriend, Tristan Klier.

The 16-year-old Blended actress is in a relationship with Tristan Kliers and the couple live far away from each other.

Although Bella admits it’s a challenge to be apart from her beau for extended periods of time, she finds a way to connect even if they’re not with each other physically.

“I would say that long distance is one tough cookie to crumble,” she told Hollywood Life. “Facetime. Facetime is the answer for long distance.”

Although their daily lives are spent in different cities, Bella says she and Tristan always put forth the effort to visit with one another in the flesh.

“We make time,” she explained. “He goes to school and I’m working so I always go to his games and stuff to see him.”

Bella also treasures the simple moments she and Tristan share.

She appreciates the little things her boyfriend does to enhance their romance.

“He shows his love in many different ways I think,” Bella said. “Probably the simplest way is just being there for me when I need him.”

The Home Invasion actress previously revealed she waited six months before kissing Tristan for the first time.

And she credited her mother Tamara for helping her make the decision.

"[My mom is] really good with relationships. She just wants me to trust people before I fully, I would say, commit to them relationship-wise," she told "And Tristan, I only waited that long because he was known in school for really getting whatever he wants. So when he thought that I was going to like kiss him and just be all over him automatically, I wanted to really show him how it works with me."

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