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Ben Affleck rues missing out on website

Ben Affleck has joked that the website "" is probably filled with "donkey porn".

The actor regrets not moving quickly to buy the rights to his domain name when the internet took off. Even if it's still available, the star wouldn't be interested as it would probably be too expensive.

"I wish there was a," Ben told "[If there is one] it's probably full of donkey porn. You can't even buy those things anymore. When the internet started, you would just go get a domain name, and now people are hip to it, and they just sit on it and want $100,000 or some crazy thing, and you just go, 'Forget it.'"

Ben is currently promoting his third directional feature Argo. The movie is the true story of a CIA agent who tries to free six Americans who are sheltering during a hostage crisis.

Despite his move into serious subject matter, Ben still gets linked to more superficial films like Justice League and Superman. He blames this on the rise of the internet.

"It can be in the [forum] of something, and somebody else hears about it, and then it takes off and gets its own life," Ben ranted. "The movie business is such that people get loosely attached to stuff, and so people are used to something being attached to them then falling off that it's never that embarrassing when something that you write turns out to not be true. You just go, 'Well he decided not to.'"

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