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Ben Fogle opens up about stillborn son grief

Ben Fogle has spoken about his stillborn son in the hope of helping other people who suffer such a loss.

The TV star's wife Marina gave birth to a stillborn son 32 weeks into her pregnancy on August 24 last year. Ben was away in Canada at the time and had to race to be with her, at one point not knowing if she would make it through.

It is a year since the tragedy, and Ben has opened up about the lasting impact it's had on his family.

"It was a life-changing experience but the worst part for me was the helplessness – because I was on the other side of the Atlantic when it happened.

“I was over in Canada for my grandmother’s 100th and had to get on a plane and come back and was effectively told that Marina would die," he told British newspaper The Mirror.

“That was the worst part about it, the helplessness and not knowing when the plane landed whether Marina would be alive or not.

"Knowing already I had lost my unborn son and not knowing how she would be... that definitely affected me deeply for six months."

It took Ben a long time to want to be sociable again, as he couldn't cope with being near anyone. This was a form of control for him, seeing as he hadn't been able to have any over what had happened to his wife and child.

Looking back he thinks he was probably depressed, but he learnt how to move through it.

Ben, Marina and their children Ludo, six, and four-year-old Iona are going on holiday to the Bahamas for five weeks, which will allow them time to think about their little boy Willem.

The first anniversary of his birth and death was difficult for the family, but having little ones also means Ben and Marina can focus on them.

The pair have decided to speak about what they went through because they want to raise awareness of the situation and hopefully help other people.

"The reason we’ve talked about publicly is, firstly, that it helps us and secondly, we don’t want to paint ourselves in this golden light of perfection just because we are in public eye," he said.

"These things can and do happen to absolutely everyone. I did get down, but that is a reality – people do. None of us are completely invincible.”

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