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Ben Stiller: Derek Zoolander is hot

Ben Stiller can't understand why people don't think his Zoolander character is smart.

The actor co-starred with Owen Wilson in the 2001 movie, appearing as Derek Zoolander and Hansel respectively. The pair were likeable but dumb models in the film, and are reprising their roles for a sequel due out next year.

To mark that Ben and Owen put on a surprise display at Valentino's Paris Fashion Week show earlier this month, stomping the runway in character.

"I was actually there," Ben joked to talk show host Jimmy Fallon when quizzed on it. "They are still ridiculously good looking. A lot of people say that Derek isn't smart but I think the idea of doing a sequel of a movie that happened 15 years ago that no one really went to is brilliant."

Much of the rest of the interview saw Ben and Jimmy having to play over-the-top emotions which trying to have a normal conversation. This saw the actor worrying about having his feet on the furniture while he was "overly polite" and quizzed Jimmy on how often he uses the toilet when he was being "nosy".

The star gave some interviews in character while at the Paris show, revealing he'd put a lot of effort into getting his walk perfect for the appearance.

"I'm going to keep it simple today," he explained.

"Usually I go 'right, left, right, left, right, left' but today I'm going to start left, in honour of how the sun rotates."

Hansel was also on hand to give some words of wisdom, explaining a lot has changed since he was last strutting his stuff.

"Environment," he mused. "It's the number one problem. But how do we reduce our footprint? Less walking."

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