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Ben Stiller: Museum monkey is a diva

Ben Stiller has joked about his longing for monkey paste during filming of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

The American funnyman returns as guard Larry Daley in kids' film Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, along with castmates including Owen Wilson and the late Robin Williams. There were also newcomers to the film franchise in the form of Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens, but Ben insists rumours he made them eat the faeces of monkey Dexter as a welcome ritual are false.

"No, they keep saying that. Well, [Rebel] keeps saying that! She just likes to say poo. She likes to be provocative. She said there was some sort of [thing] going on for the new characters and new cast members, and there's nothing like that at all," he quipped to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

"I mean, the monkey herself - it's a she who plays Dexter - she can be difficult and put people through their paces because she sort of has that attitude and everybody stops for the monkey. You're waiting for the monkey to come on set, you're waiting for the monkey to do... and Tom, her trainer, it all becomes about this monkey paste that they give her to eat; when she does something good, they give her a bit of the paste. We all want to be rewarded. Yes, we often asked for the paste. I don't even want to know [what it is]. Some weird thing. It feels like it should be [anchovies]."

Ben also had the company of his kids Quinlin and Ella, who he has with wife Christine Taylor, on set, as they appear in a scene of the London-based movie.

During his downtime, the 49-year-old actor enjoys spending time with his family; although he tries to steer clear of any morning duties while at home.

"I try to avoid [the school run] as much as possible," he joked. "My wife is usually on that every morning; I will occasionally wake up in the morning if I'm needed, 'cause my kids go to different schools, so sometimes I'll be assigned to take one to one school. But I'm usually up 'til like 1, 2 o'clock in the morning. I don't know [what I'm doing]. Just... hanging out! It just seems like time goes by. I feel like, as you're older, time goes by quicker and I feel like the days fly by."

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