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Ben Whishaw: I don't crave fame

Ben Whishaw loves being a part of the Bond franchise but hopes it won't mean an intense level of fame.

The 33-year-old actor has been in the industry since the late '90s but reached prominence when he took on the role of Bond's IT geek Q in 2012's Skyfall, alongside Daniel Craig. He'll reprise the part in Bond 24, which is out next year.

He's slowly starting to get recognised by more people, but it's not something Ben is after.

"Oh I wouldn't seek that kind of life, I wouldn't be comfortable at all," he assured Time Out London magazine.

"You deal with it [fame], and it's part of the job. I'm so thrilled to be in those films, I never thought I would be, and it's wonderful and fun and people love them - and that's great. But I suppose my main interest is elsewhere."

Ben entered into a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw in 2012. He's set to play gay star Freddie Mercury in a biopic but isn't worried about any kind of typecasting.

"It's not a consideration for me, because gay characters are as varied and different as heterosexual characters. I've played all sorts of different people, so I don't see the need to balance them out," he explained.

Ben has certainly made sure he plays a wide range of roles. He's taken a part in intense drama Lilting and is also voicing animated bear Paddington in the kids' film.

He's keen to keep exploring but doesn't put any pressure on himself.

"[I'm] ambitious in the sense that I really want to try things," he reasoned. "I'd like to try directing. I'm ambitious about making things. I'm not ambitious about getting places, I don't know where there is to get to, really. I used to be, but I don't feel that at all now."

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