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Benicio Del Toro: Emily Blunt is rare talent

Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro felt cool when he won his golden statue.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Hollywood star Benicio Del Toro felt like he was on acid when he was watching Emily Blunt as she was so impressive.

The two star alongside each other in new movie Sicario, about an FBI agent tasked with tracking down a drug lord.

The film also stars Josh Brolin, and a scene between him and Emily left Benicio speechless. In it Emily breaks down and cries, which was something that wasn't in the script.

"Every now and then – and it’s only happened five or six times in my career – you witness a moment where an actor just changes the room," Benicio told Britain's Esquire magazine. "When she broke down, I was stood there thinking. 'Oh f**k.'

"Everyone felt it. Denis [Villeneuve, director] went, 'OK, that’s enough for today. Emily? Yeah, Emily, you did alright.' It’s kind of like you sitting here right now and then these walls just turn pink – you know, and you’re not on acid. It’s special when you see moments like that. They're rare."

Another rarity in Hollywood is winning gold at the Oscars, a feat 48-year-old Benicio achieved in 2001 for his role in Traffic. It was a triple whammy that year as he also bagged the Golden Globe and BAFTA for his portrayal of Javier Rodriguez in the drug flick.

The film won a further three Oscars, including best director for Steven Soderbergh. However, Benicio's solo win was all thanks to the people he worked with.

"I mean, getting home afterwards and looking in the mirror while you’re holding that Oscar? You look f**king good. You’ve won a f**king Oscar. But when it comes down to it, it’s a group effort: the writers, the director, the editors – your fellow actors. It’s a collective achievement," he explained.

Sicario hit cinemas from October 2015.

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