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Bethenny’s Botox rant

Bethenny Frankel has let rip to a doctor who accused her of having too much Botox.

The reality star held nothing back when she addressed Park Avenue physician Dr. Robert A. Guida, who recently claimed the 42-year-old had indulged in too much surgery.

She seemed offended at the accusations as she bought up the topic on her talk show Bethenny.

“I have a new boyfriend and he has botched me up. Yes, bloggers who have no idea what they are talking about are writing that I have a new boyfriend named Botox, who has really botched me up,” she fumed.

The outburst was in retaliation to a picture that was posted of Bethenny showing off a suspiciously smooth looking forehead.

She then proceeded to ask her cameraman to get a close up of her face where she pointed out her wrinkles and crow’s feet around her eyes.

“I am not saying I wouldn’t do Botox but I am not doing Botox on the regular because I am not one of those people that walks up to a mirror and says, ‘Hmmm let me see what I need to fix.’

“That’s not really me and I believe in everything in moderation. If you want to do something to make yourself feel good, do it. Of course, take precautions; ask your doctor,” she advised.

Bethenny, who owns a liquid sweetener line called Skinnygirl, said she does have some vices, including eating Cheetos and occasionally using artificial sweetener.

She then called out the doctor who made the accusations, and challenged him to say it to her face.

“So, Dr. Guida. Okay, Dr. Robert Guida is the one who commented on my face. A. I’ve never met you. B. You’re not my doctor.

“C. Shut your pie hole and go back to your corner. If you are going to write it come up and say it to my face bizzitch, okay? Say it to my wrinkled face,” she fumed, to the applause of her audience.

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