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Bettany: Depp's a happy hobo

Gwyneth Paltrow begged Johnny Depp to stop being so funny on the set of Mortdecai.

The two actors star opposite each other in comedy flick Mortdecai, in which Johnny plays the title debonair art dealer, while Paul is his second-hand man Jock Strapp.

This is the third film the pair have worked on together, following last year's Transcendence and 2010's The Tourist, and it has cemented their friendship even more. So much so that Johnny has become much closer to Paul's kids, Stellan and Agnes with wife Jennifer Connelly, and earned the nickname Uncle Fun.

"'Cause he's always coming around... whenever he comes round he sheds things like really expensive watches and just gives them to one of the children," Paul explained to BBC Radio 1. "I'm going, 'Give the watch back!' And he [Johnny] won't take it. He's just fun to be around. It's like having a hobo magician from the 30s around."

And the pals loved every second of working together again, especially on a humorous project like this. After ruining takes in the first two movies by laughing too much, Paul explained how they were able to bring their "madness" onto the camera this time around.

Also starring in the flick is Gwyneth Paltrow as Johnny's onscreen wife Johanna Mortdecai. Asked whether his close bond with Johnny affected others on set, Paul gave an insight into the behind-the-scenes antics.

"I think it was a nightmare for them... Well, Gwyneth I heard once begging Johnny to stop being funny..." he mused.

"But she is very funny... We all were just laughing from dawn 'til dusk. Usually when a film is coming to a close you're secretly really glad, even though you're shaking everybody's hand saying, 'Oh, I'm really gonna miss you so much,' you just think, 'Get me out of here!' This one, it was so lovely."

And it seems Johnny, who also produced the flick, has no plans to stop working with Paul. He praises the fellow thespian's talents and was pleased that director David Koepp fell for the British star "hook, line and sinker" upon meeting him.

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