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Beyoncé Knowles: Blue is a fan

Beyoncé Knowles’ daughter Blue Ivy loved watching her mom's turn in animated flick Epic.

The international superstar has 17-month-old Blue Ivy with husband Jay-Z.

Beyoncé has joked that the tot seemingly approved of her turn in animated movie Epic recently, even if she became uninterested after a few minutes.

"I showed her a few of the scenes. She's still young, so her attention span is about 20 minutes, but she did see it. She was like, 'Wait a minute. That's you!'" she exclaimed in an interview with Australia's The Project.

"So I think she figured it out. She seemed to be impressed."

Beyoncé voices Queen Tara in the movie and admits she often cringes when she hears herself back. The 31-year-old singer has arguably one of the most listened to voices in the world, but insists she'd rather mute the TV when she comes on screen.

"I hate hearing myself speak. I think everyone does," she giggled. "I hear my little crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman - I'm like, ‘This is really strange,’ but I love it.

"Just seeing yourself animated and seeing yourself doing something you could never do in real life - I've always thought, for whatever reason, that would be super cool."

Beyoncé is successfully juggling motherhood with her prosperous music and movie ventures.

The songstress doesn't ever worry about burning out though, as she trusts the physical and mental strength of her body.

"If I do things that I love, then it works out, and I find time [for myself]. And I'm passionate about it. So, I think that's the key to life," she explained.

"It's just finding what you love - and as long as it comes from that passion - my body is like a machine!"

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