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Beyoncé tamed bully

Beyoncé Knowles' sister Solange will never forget how a school bully looked when the superstar arrived to "check" him.

The singer is close to her younger sibling Solange and even when she started to find fame Beyoncé always made time for her. Now a successful artist on her own, Solange has recalled the only time she has used her surname to get something.

"When I was in seventh or eighth grade I used the card. Because there was this one kid who was so obnoxious, he was constantly kinda bullying... I wrote petitions to get this kid out of school... I really couldn't stand this kid. His name was Brandon, I remember that," she explained to US radio station Hot 97 host Angie Martinez. "One day, and No, No, No had just came out the remix with Wyclef, and I did say, 'My sister's gonna come here and you're gonna be really surprised who she is!' 'Cos I'd been telling my sister and Kelly [Roland], 'Y'all gotta come check this kid.' Of course he's not paying attention to anything that I say. But they pulled up and I will never forget the face that Brandon made. It was because they were coming to beat him up, but it was Destiny’s Child coming to beat him up... I loved it."

Solange is in awe of how her sister handles her worldwide fame and is also getting used to being recognised when she is out and about.

She lives in New Orleans part time, which was in part a tactical decision. The 27-year-old star doesn't get bothered when she goes out there, revealing she was recently asked to leave a nightspot because she forgot her ID.

Things are so chilled in her adopted hometown that no one even bats an eyelid when Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z come to stay.

"I actually blend very well because there are some characters in New Orleans that will literally be in a metal tin man outfit walking down the street. That's very normal," Solange, who is known for her bold outfits, giggled.

"[Beyoncé and Jay] can [come to stay]! Even when they were there for Super Bowl we went out to eat a lot. We did a lot of stuff that stayed under the radar. Because people from New Orleans are extremely prideful so even if they're kind of curious, they not gonna let you know. I appreciate that."

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