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Bieber ‘had nothing to do with waitress brawl’

Justin Bieber’s involvement in a brawl over a waitress at a nightclub is completely exaggerated.

The 19-year-old singer is tangled in a police investigation surrounding his bodyguards’ conduct at South Pointe club in Southhampton, New York following an incident that left a male clubgoer hospitalised last weekend.

Apparently his security team and some men at the nightclub fought each other over a bow tie that was loaned to a waitress after a man became jealous over the server’s flirtatious behaviour toward Justin.

The waitress in question, Sophia Rayo, refutes all claims that Justin is culpable in any way.

“Everyone is trying to portray Justin in a negative light and he had nothing to do with it,” she told Celebuzz.

“It was just some silly thing about a bow tie. It was a dumb thing. Guys just have testosterone.

“The story is getting out of hand.”

Sophia claims Justin was an innocent bystander, even though video footage released of the incident captures him potentially doing something wrong.

She feels that the star was bullied.

“I personally think the guy was starting with Justin and was aggressive because he wanted to get him involved because it’s Justin Bieber and he’s a celebrity,” Sophia noted.

“The one thing you don’t see in the video is that his friends were calling Justin names, anything that would get a normal person worked up. And one thing led to another and his friends got knocked to the floor.”

A spokesperson for the venue denied any altercation took place.

“There was no incident in the club or on the premises,” Melanie Weitzner said.

A spokesman for Justin also brushed off the allegations but acknowledged some type of feud occurred.

"Justin wasn't involved in the altercation,” his representative said.

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