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Bieber: I’m scarred from past romances

Justin Bieber has revealed he is in a new relationship after splitting from Selena Gomez, but admits his former romances have left him “scarred”.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Justin Bieber is dating someone new.

The 21-year-old singer’s most famous relationship has been with Selena Gomez, who he has dated on and off from 2010.

Following months of rumours, Justin has now revealed that he is enjoying a new courtship, but admits that his previous romances, and presumably the one with Selena, has left him “scarred”.

“You get scarred from certain things,” Justin told Complex magazine. “Even like—I’m kind of seeing this girl, right? I’m shy about doing or saying certain things, and then I say it and it’s not even a problem.

“And I’ll remember when I couldn’t…. You’re just scarred and you don’t do something because in your last relationship they’d freak out, but [the new person is] just like, ‘What are you talking about?' ”

Justin opened up about a range of topics in the magazine interview. The What Do You Mean singer has enjoyed a comeback in recent months thanks to his chart-topping single, and Where Are U Now – his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo.

And he says his fans are sure to be delighted because he has enough material for several more records.

“I’ve done probably three or four albums that I haven’t released yet,” he said. “I’ve gotten all of these different modes, and try to dive into different ideas, and I finally came up with something that was pretty genius.”

Justin is doing his utmost to change the reputation he has earned over the past few years, and his party boy image.

And he says he has chosen one person in particular to take inspiration from.

“I’ve made myself so unrelatable the past year with all the stuff that I was doing,” Justin said. “Not even bad stuff sometimes, just outrageous stuff. Like, you got a monkey, what are you doing?”

“I just wanna honestly live like Jesus. Not be Jesus — I could never — I don’t want that to come across weird. He created a pretty awesome template of how to love people and how to be gracious and kind.”

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