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Bieber’s tattoo a ‘symbol of honour’

Justin Bieber fans are gushing about his latest tattoo of a knight, claiming it represents his commitment to “honour and loyalty”.

The 19-year-old star showed off his new ink this week.

He now sports a black-and-white image of a knight on his inner left forearm.

Fans were abuzz about the new body art on Twitter Friday, with many claiming knowledge to the inspiration behind the etching.

“Justin's new tattoo. Its a knight, represents Honor and Loyalty,” read a post on a linked Facebook fan page.

Others wrote of how “cute” the image is and cooed about their admiration for the pop star.

The knight marks Justin’s seventh tattoo on his left arm.

He also has a tiger head, an “X”, a koi fish, an owl, a female angel and the world “BELIEVE”.

The star has a crown on his chest and a portrait of Jesus on his leg as well.

Justin was reportedly busted last month for getting behind the needle and tattooing without a license during a session in New York.

The New York Daily News published photos showing the star inking celebrity tattoo artist Bang Band with a cartoon mouse and the word “Swaggy” on his calf.

The images were reportedly taken in June 2012 when Justin was inked with his “Believe” tattoo.

According to the publication, the pop star could face a $2,000 fine from the New York City Health Department if he was unlicensed when he tattooed his pal.

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