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Big Sean: Naya Rivera makes me pound cake

Big Sean thinks his relationship with girlfriend Naya Rivera is a “great thing” because she takes care of him.

The rapper and the Glee actress went public with their relationship a few months ago.

Big Sean is really happy with Naya and claims his love grows stronger through the meals she makes for him.

"Let me tell you a story about her. Let me tell you a story about Naya Rivera,” he told MTV News. “My grandma used to make me birthday cakes every year, on my birthday, once a year. My favourite pound cake, grandma's recipe. She had a stroke ten years ago and couldn't make it anymore, but Naya hit my mom up and got the recipe. Couple parts of the recipe were missing; she filled them in, made this cake from scratch for me. [She] surprised me with it one day, man, when I wasn't feeling too good. Just stuff like that, showing she really cares.”

Big Sean values his friendship with Naya as much as the romantic side of their relationship.

He appreciates how she goes out of her way to show him love.

"Me and Naya is a great thing. She's awesome. She takes care of me," he gushed.

“That's my homey, more than anything. That's my girl."

Naya has spoken previously about her ideal man. She didn’t say specifically whether or not Big Sean fits the bill.

“No matter what [anyone] says to you, every girl wants to get married. Of course I want to get married! I think that it’d be the party of the century,” she giggled to Glow magazine.

“He’s really good looking [my ideal man]. He’s talented. He’s nice… I don’t know. I like people that are kind. And people who like me.”

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