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Biggs: OITNB is full of divas

Jason Biggs has joked that the whole Orange Is the New Black cast have turned into divas since the show has become big.

The two stars appear alongside each other on hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black.

The second series was made available last month and its popularity just keeps growing. Jason has joked that all the fame has started to go to his co-star's head.

"Laura was always diva-ish, so she never really changed," he grinned to Collider. "Everyone else was really sweet and nice, but now they’re all ****y, too. They all have their periods at the same time. I’m joking."

Jason is pretty outnumbered by females on set, with Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne and Taryn Manning also taking on key roles in the drama set in a women's prison.

Laura added that there have been no tantrums or outrageous behaviour with the show's growing popularity.

"Everyone has been amazing. Honestly, the thing that’s funny is that, because the first season was such a hit, coming back, the littlest things mean something," she smiled.

"I remember talking to Natasha and she was like, 'I feel like my hair is its own entity. At the end of the day, I want to take it off and put it in a box.'

"My glasses became a thing. Everyone has their own character thing, which became their heightened sensibility. It’s rad. Audiences love the show, but everyone keeps a really good head on their shoulders. We all want to make the best show possible."

For Jason, 36, the series has been a chance to show a different side of himself. The star is known for appearing in raucous comedy franchise American Pie and enjoys the reaction he's had from new fans.

"For me, because I’ve been so closely connected to a specific film and one character and, frankly, one moment in that film, it was an immediate shift that was very noticeable, in what people wanted to talk to me about," he explained.

"How they approached me was way different, and the type of people that approached me was immediately different. It happened right away, and it’s only grown with the success of the show."

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