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Bill Hader recalls one-night stand

Bill Hader has joked he got his wife Maggie pregnant during filming of Trainwreck after a deal they made.

The 37-year-old funnyman has been married to his wife Maggie since 2006 and only had one or two brief encounters with women before tying the knot.

He didn't always finds spending a single evening with a lady comfortable, citing an encounter with a woman who was just about to move home as an example.

"I had just moved in with a friend of mine. I was sleeping on the floor. I said, 'Do you want to go to your place?' She's like, 'I moved out of my place. I'm staying at a friend's house.' I said, 'Oh, I don't have a bed,'" he recalled to, adding that she suggested they go to her old apartment where there was a bed by the dumpster of her building.

"We got her old bed and put it on top of my car and both held on to it, driving very slowly down Wilshire Boulevard to my apartment. I come in with a girl and a bed. She spent the night. The next day she was like, 'You can keep the bed if you want.' I had that bed for a long time!"

Bill praises his pretty spouse, who he has three daughters with, and calls her "crazy talented".

He's also relieved that Maggie isn't bothered by him kissing other women for work, such as in his latest film Trainwreck. It co-stars Amy Schumer and is about a one-night stand that turns into more.

"Maggie's like, 'That's cool. Our deal is: if you shoot a sex scene you have to come home and have sex with me,'" he grinned. "Amy and I made out so much, I got Maggie pregnant during rehearsals. We hadn't even shot the movie yet."

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