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Bill Murray: I’m a bar hero

Bill Murray likes to be an "auxiliary helper" when bars get too busy.

The 64-year-old actor is known for helping hand out drinks when he is out and about, and has been pictured behind the bar in the past. It's something he enjoys doing, but he only makes the move when times are desperate.

"Well, you know when you jump behind a bar you're sort of an auxiliary helper. You're a first responder really, is what you are," he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "You're there because the bartender is not getting it done quickly enough and maybe he's overwhelmed by the experience. You try to help, but you want to get repeat business so sometimes you make them something a little more special, or larger, than they wanted."

Bill was quizzed on his tips for bar etiquette and had one which recurred. Many people don't bother drinking water when they are hitting the sauce, but the actor believes that is a grave mistake. He insists people who stay hydrated tend to be "much more interesting" as the night wears on.

He also has some advice for surviving the morning after the night before. Obviously water again gets a mention, but Bill believes there is something else which can stave off headaches.

"I had a friend who is a chemist, who told me it's a breakdown in the B complex, so if you can, pound multiple vitamins," he said. "When I was a housepainter we just used to quaff multiple vitamins first thing in the morning before we got to painting, it really does help. But water is really the key, if you can drink water, the professional drinkers drink water with every glass of wine."

All of this has got Bill to thinking about possible brands in the future. There are already many things available with his image on, such as pillows and clothing. But a new line could be in the offing.

"No I don't have a merchandising empire yet, I'm gonna work on that. I'm gonna start with hydrating, that's really the key. Because I end up getting a little fuzzy," he joked.

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