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Bill Murray likes to live life 'on the fly'

Bill Murray is happy to keep 'retiring' from acting because it helps him end up working with the right people.

Actor Bill Murray has always lived his life "on the fly", and he wouldn't change a thing about it.

The Ghostbusters star has always been a maverick in his field, and his personality offscreen is as intriguing as the characters he plays, but in a new interview with the American edition of Esquire, the 65-year-old has given fans a rare insight into his life when he's not on a film set.

“I scrub my teeth every day," he began. "I don’t necessarily go to sleep every day. I don’t necessarily change my clothes every day. I don’t necessarily exercise. I don’t necessarily eat or drink coffee. I’ve really lived it on the fly."

However, the star admits he feels most connected with life when he's working, and so he does his best to pick projects which he finds engaging.

"I’m more of a person when I’m working on a movie than at any other time,” he confessed. “Because I actually have to really be there. I really gotta show up. Not just physically in a building, although that’s certainly a big part of it. And I know that to do the best work, I’ve gotta be as collected as I can be.”

It doesn't stop the Groundhog Day actor from announcing his retirement every couple of years - or months - though, but Bill insists it's all a clever trick to seek out the best work.

"I’ve retired a couple times," he continued. "I just say, ‘I’m retired.’ It keeps a certain kind of person away from you - the kind of person that you really don’t want around. The people who are really interested in you will find you eventually."

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