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Bill Murray: My belly button is wondrous

Bill Murray's first activity when he arrived in New York was having his stomach painted and pretending his belly button was smoking a cigarette.

Bill Murray was talked into having his stomach painted after someone complimented his belly button.

The 65-year-old actor is one of the most popular performers of his generation, winning fans with movies such as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation. His first big job was on Saturday Night Live, making his debut in 1977, but Bill had plenty of experience being silly beforehand.

"I came to New York in 1974... I used to do this thing of sticking out my stomach... and this guy said, 'You have a really interesting belly button, you have an inie don't you,' and I'm like..." he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel when presented with a black and white photo of him showing off his decorated stomach, while a cigarette hung from his mouth. "That's sort of 50/50, that's like, 'Wow, you have beautiful hands, are you a hand model?' So then I ended up getting painted on my stomach in the middle of the night, well I think it was a man (who did it) yes. And see I had a cigarette in my mouth but I'd figured you could actually put the cigarette in your belly button and if you sucked it in, it really looked like the guy was (smoking). So that was good for three or four hours... Hours and hours of fun."

Bill is currently promoting his upcoming movie, Rock the Kasbah, in which he plays music manager Richie Lanz. While touring in Afghanistan Richie discovers a teenage girl (Zooey Deschanel) with an amazing voice and encourages her to compete on TV show Afghan Star. The cast, also including Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson, didn't shoot on location, but Bill was happy with the alternative.

"We shot in Morocco," he added. "No (no one knows me there), it was really nice, very nice. For the cowards in the audience, you know who you are, it's entry level Africa and entry level Muslim world and they're the most generous, kind, normal people and it's beautiful."

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