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Bill Murray: People are terrifying

Bill Murray says people look at him with a "strange hunger".

The comic actor has appeared in a host of hit films including Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation and Groundhog Day. He has enjoyed a successful Hollywood career since the '80s and admits it is uncomfortable to be constantly recognised in the street.

"After a big film people in the street look at you with a strange hunger; mad, raw and terrifying," he told British newspaper The Times. "Not so much here, but in America it's like being in a steam room all the time. You have to hide away."

Bill's latest big screen outing is in Moonrise Kingdom, alongside Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton. The 61-year-old star would rather play golf than commit to a blockbuster movie, even if it offers an impressive pay cheque.

"I like small movies like Moonrise," he explained. "With big movies you have to be the 300lb. gorilla in the room. People expect that of you, and if someone's going wrong, you have to crack that egg for the director you're working for. You have to throw a fit because that's the expectation."

Bill went on to discuss his simple beginnings. He was one of eight siblings in an Irish Catholic family and grew up in the Chicago suburbs. The star admits family life could be hectic at times.

"Our upbringing was a little scrappy. The typical Norman Rockwell painting is a couple of kids, the parents, grandparents; ours was more like an orphanage in size," he joked. "But what you saw and what imprinted on you was the way people had station wagons, and dressed in a certain way. People had dreams of a two-car garage and going to the beach with coolers and lemonade."

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