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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Bill Nighy: I can't read my reviews

Bill Nighy never reads reviews of his work

Bill Nighy has revealed he never watches himself on screen nor reads reviews of his work.

Despite his status as one the UK acting scene's stalwarts, with recent roles in Harry Potter, The Boat That Rocked and Love Actually, the actor will do anything to avoid reading reviews of his work.

He said: "I can't take it. Frankly, I can't pay the price so I don't do it any more. I never used to be able to resist reading them, got burned a couple of times and thought, 'I can't take it!'

"Similarly, if I'm doing theatre and I'm told I peak in the second act during a particular passage, that's not good for me either, because I'll become too wonderful," he joked.

Another awful thing about acting, he said, was having to audition when he first started out.

He said: "I can't exaggerate how horrible a life of auditioning is.

"Imagine if you had to go 50 times a year to some place to meet strangers who for the most part were not over-excited about meeting you, to demonstrate your job, and 90% of the time they say no. That's what actors do.

"It can't be overstated how wonderful it is not to have to audition any more. Any actor will tell you, it's like Christmas."

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