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Billy Bob Thornton: Fame should be earned

Billy Bob Thornton has blasted people who achieve instant fame by appearing on TV shows.

The Hollywood star is currently promoting his autobiography The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts. In the memoirs he vents his frustration at fame-hungry wannabes, who lack talent but will do anything for attention.

"Nowadays you can become famous because you ate the most worms, or get a record deal because you lost two hundred pounds on television," he said. "When we were growing up, we would have been ashamed if the way we got famous was by winning a talent contest.

"Nobody ever became the biggest f**king rock star on earth from being on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. Those were people who had a poodle and a kazoo or something."

Billy Bob isn't a fan of reality TV shows where stars are born overnight. The 56-year-old insists he worked hard to carve out a movie career.

"I didn't make it by skateboarding down a banister and landing in a pile of watermelons on YouTube in a minute-and-a-half video," he writes. "It took well over half my life to get to where I am today."

Billy Bob worked on the book with Kinky Friedman and it is inspired by a number of recordings he made while relaxing with friends.

The star touches on a variety of subjects, including komodo dragons. He doesn't feel comfortable about their existence on Earth today.

"I don't even want them in the world, that's the fact of the matter," he explained. "I'm all for saving animals, but Komodo dragons are dinosaurs and they have no business here."

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