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Billy Bob Thornton: I know guns

Billy Bob Thornton grew up hunting in the woods, but doesn’t like to be around guns anymore.

The celebrated actor has been gracing TV screens as psychotic murderer Lorne Malvo in Fargo, alongside Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks.

Playing the gun-toting killer didn’t require too much weapon training as Billy grew up surrounded by guns, though he no longer feels comfortable around them.

“Oh, yeah. They were all over the place. I mean I grew up in the woods and we hunted from the time I was a little kid. My grandfather was kind of like Daniel Boone. We didn't hunt for sport, we hunted for food. So I'm pretty handy with one,” Billy revealed to the US edition of Esquire magazine.

“These days, I don't have 'em anywhere near me. Society's gotten pretty loose about that. It's not like the old days. There was violence when I was growing up, but it kinda got resolved differently. At least in my world, it did. People used to have fights. I don't think you can have fighting anymore.”

Billy was well known for his wild ways. When he wed Angelina Jolie in 2003, the couple wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks causing shock at the time.

At 58 the actor is leading a quieter life and is grateful that the internet wasn’t so prevalent when he was younger.

“I'm glad my crazier days in the public... I'm glad the internet wasn't big like it is now. I missed that stuff for the most part. But nobody's immune to it. You can stay home the rest of your life, but everything they've already said about you is still on there. They recycle stuff that I've forgotten.

“Just stuff that... I don't know. It's like every time you do a pre-interview for another show, it's like, ‘I understand you have a phobia, that you're afraid of antiques!’ It's like, are you sh*ttin' me? I said this in 1996. And you're still... Yeah, that's right. It hasn't changed,” he laughed.

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