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Billy Bob Thornton pigs out after Globes

Billy Bob Thornton celebrated being named the best actor in a miniseries or TV film at last night's Golden Globes by feasting on a mountain of pork.

The 59-year-old star won the best actor in a miniseries or TV film gong at last night's ceremony in Los Angeles, thanks to his turn as Lorne Malvo in Fargo.

He was thrilled with the accolade, but had no plans for a debauched evening to mark the occasion.

"I am not much of a drinker so I am going to eat seven pounds of pork," he laughed to "I am going to hang out and see old friends. That’s the great thing about award season is you run into a lot of people you don’t see all the time. It is nice to say hi to everybody. I will do a little bit of that."

Billy isn't just a hit in front of the camera; he has several directing credits to his name too. His last effort was 2012's Jayne Mansfield's Car starring Robert Duvall, John Hurt and Kevin Bacon, but Billy Bob hinted he wouldn't be releasing anything else.

The star fears the kind of flicks he's interested in don't suit Hollywood anymore.

"I am probably obsolete as a movie director in the current state of affairs," he explained.

He isn't spending too much time licking his wounds though, as Billy Bob is thrilled with the scripts he's being offered at the moment. Fargo was a no-brainer for him, especially when he started to hear that people like Martin Freeman were co-starring. After reading the script for the pilot, the star was hooked and knew he had to be involved.

"It was so well written and I heard the people that [they] were assembling after myself, they were getting together, and I thought, 'What a great group of people.' There wasn’t really any red flag whatsoever. My only concern is, 'Are the Coen brothers on board?' And when I found out they were, that was the last piece of the puzzle for me. It is a joy to be a part of something artistic," he enthused backstage at the ceremony in the press room.

Fargo sees Billy Bob's character arrive in a small town and manage to influence many of the people there - and not in a good way.

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